Thee Oh Sees

Wouldn't be a year without an Oh Sees release on the docket, and 2013 is no different in that regard. The band seems to have taken a natural extension off of Putrifiers II's balance of pop shades and rock bombast and refined it further, adding some nicely layered sheen to their freakout mentality while still dipping those toes in psych-punk puddle. Locked groove drumming and reverb flying as always but now even more shades of Brigid Dawson's vocals make the scene amid Dwyer's yelps; add some jazz flourishes on guitar, a splash of keyboard shimmer and its a regular pop record for the SF flayers. The best development on Floating Coffin is the band's trend towards mixing frantic and subtle in the same songs, winding in expertly crafted changes that don't always land a perfect hook to the jaw but are catchy and satisfying in Thee Oh Sees own pop penchant. Stuart Berman recently compared the band to earlier period Flaming Lips, and hell, I'll buy that because I much preferred when the punk rockers were taking acid rather than fighting giant pastel robots. Psych-punk needs a few champions and Thee Oh Sees are leading that charge in fine fashion here.

[MP3] Thee Oh Sees - Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster

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