The Woolen Men

I'd neglected the Woolen Men album on my first go ‘round, listening to a few tracks and setting it aside for later, but its got legs and after awhile it climbed its way into my rotation. The Oregonian trio embraces the scrappy tide of DIY that usually befits their compatriots down under, but it fits them well and they wear it like a badge. Woodsist seems adamant on throwing down Dead Moon comparisons, and maybe in work ethic that's true but there's a lot more VU via Dunedin on this one and once it creeps into your spine its hard to shake. The record has a driving jangle, a throbbing vein of blue-collar bar rock and a debt to 80's college rock that seems like it'll take more than a few years to pay off. It all mashes together into a loose jumble of a record that feels like its been hanging around in dollar bins for years just waiting for someone to wash along and discover it, ripe for the reissue and belated adulation. Hopefully, as The Woolies are currently active, they won't suffer such a fate and hopes are high they can keep this shaggy rock as present and effortlessly smile-inducing in the live setting, but as for the grooves, its winding up one of the first quarter of 2013's smash surprises. Give it a go, and tell 'em Raven sent ya, we've got a feeling that you won't be disappointed.


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