Sondra Sun-Odeon

As the years have gone by here at Raven it’s been fewer and further between that great psych-folk LPs cross the desk. When this site started back in the wee '00s it was a staple of coverage and one of the labels that most often popped up was Language of Stone. Alas those cats are no more but before they crumbled they released a nice LP by Silver Summit that made a mark here at RSTB. Years later Silver Summit's own Sondra Sun-Odeon has a solo album of her own and its far removed from the heyday of '04 psych folk but it bears a few echoes amongst its melancholy passages. Sun-Odeon has draped her album, Aetherea in grey-eyed folk touches that swoon with heavy-hearted strings and the lilting vocal yearns of a fresh heartbreak. Still, there are moments when the fog grows thick as ever and those witchy vibes creep through your eardrums like a remembrance of days when all bands were raising the altar to bring out the darkness in folk's inner circle; as on standout closer "Hair". Sun-Odeon has found a way to progress as a songwriter, tackling the themes of maturity, while still nodding to her heavy, hair-raising past in the psychedelic trenches.


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Anonymous arehuz said...

God this album is gorgeous. I went straight to the website and bought it just three songs in. Thanks RStB!

6:49 PM  

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