Shadows of Knight - Back Door Men
Shadows of Knight may get most of their recognition for their version of "Gloria" but those that stop at their debut are missing out on one of garage's great gems. The Chicago band pay a debt of gratitude to the Chi-town blues forefathers that
gave them reason to pick up their guitars with cover of Willie Dixon and Jimmy Reed then blend those dirty blues moves into garage punk staples with their snotty rock sneered anthems over the rest of the album. This album became a bit of a collector's grail before proper reissues, but its wider availability in no way tempers its essential nature. Following this album the band began to splinter and though they crafted some fine tracks on their third album ("Shake", "My Fire Department Needs a Fire Man") they'd never be quite as cohesive as they were right here. Their later efforts have a huge influence from Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz on production and while they hit it right with "Shake" they tend to stray the band from their hip-slung garage greatness. However, there's no portion of Back Door Men that's not perfectly crafted to set your feet moving and your heart racing.

[MP3] Shadows of Knight - Gospel Zone

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