Jim Donadio's work under the Prostitutes banner skirts the edges of techno, industrial and noise; filtering the three impulses into a hypnotic and often times almost crushing slurry of beats and ambient space. Donadio's skill comes in his ability to never lean to heavy into one corner, just as the beats feel that they're about to suffocate, he pulls back and dissolves. Just as the beat becomes monotonously trance inducing he escalates and opens up a whole new field of space. The record occupies some very dark spaces, and the jackhammer crush is surrounded on all sides by a certain unseen dread but that's what gives Crushed Interior its heft. His sophomore album appears for Digitalis, a home that seems fitting for Prostitutes' polyrhythmic gravitational pull. And that seems as fitting a description as ever, since the album seems to break the listener down and suck them like quarks through space into a dark, industrial realm of shifting space, noise and mechanic precision.


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