Prissy Clerks

Though based out of Minneapolis, it seems that Prissy Clerks have picked up the majority of their notoriety across English outlets. Not really that surprising given that their effervescent bent on crunchy 90's rock touchstones expands on the DIY currents running through the majority of the Isle's blogs. Though, Bruise or Be Bruised is more than just a collection of 90's influences. It leans on the tropes for sure, but underneath beats a true rock heart and with an ear for pop melodies. Lead clerk Clara Salyer cut her teeth in Total Babe but left her softer side behind for the Sebadoh and Pavement hues and a striking balance between fuzzy churning guitars and velvet coos that cross the pop threshold into Rilo Kiley territory with a tougher punch to the gut. The potent push-pull ramps the power of the swirling songs beneath her voice making for a record that sticks to the ribs more than most scrappy pop bands can claim. This one comes in timely with a few others chasing the ghost of '93 this past year, meaning that Prissy Clerks will fit in well shelved next to the new Bleeding Rainbow, Purling Hiss, PAWS and Colleen Green records on your shelf. Build out that 90's vibe like 120 Minutes was still relevant and not relegated to a 2AM reminder of better times.


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