Hot Lunch

Somehow it seems perfectly fitting that SF acid punkers Hot Lunch should land at Tee Pee records. The band mixes a heavy brand of rock that owes more than a debt of gratitude to the '71-'74 riff ravaged, prog inclined lineage with a skate culture hangover that burns like week old roadburn. Their eponymous debut repurposes their "Killer Smile" single to great effect, sandwiched between flame licked, hoarse-throated proto-metal burners and winding prog epics that pick up the yoke from Yes and run with every dungeon dwelling stoner archetype left in the canon. Eric Shea and the band pull it off with an earnestness that comes across as a love letter to the double-gatefold era of Tolkein born psychedelia rather than D&D wallowing nerdcore fanfic rock. In the process they lay down a heaviness that feels epic in scope and blends perfectly with the lost gems of prog metal that are undoubtedly lining your vinyl shelves and bumping space with those Sabbath LPs. Don't worry Hot Lunch will feel right at home.


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