Dick Diver

Melbourne's Dick Diver flesh out their sound on their sophomore album Calendar Days; taking the scrappy Aussie pop that permeated New Start Again as a jumping off point and weaving keyboard textures, soft sax touches, pedal steel and, sure, still plenty of chiming guitars throughout the album's core. It’s a wistful, driving record that's flecked with gray cloud streaks and cracks of sunshine between the jangle and hum. The record brings to mind plenty of their Aussie / NZ forebears with ragged moments of The Clean and the effortless pop swing of The Go-Betweens playing an even push-pull on more than a few songs. The real transcendence of the album lies in its lyrical ability to make the mundane magical, the ordinary charming and to catch your heart up in their tales whether they're lush strummers or bare, raw moments of almost crushing quietude. Its been a renaissance in the South Hemi to be sure for the past few years and I'd be remiss to say that Calendar Days hasn't slotted itself high in the pecking order of the essential releases from the current crop.


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