Camperdown & Out

More goodness from the South Hemi this week with a new project formed from members of Royal Headache, Raw Prawn, Dead Farmers and Marf Loth. The boys banded together to celebrate a shared love of The Go-Betweens, The Clean, Ed Keupper and Paul Kelly with more than a little indebted hangover from Papa Lou Reed and it seems they got the stew just right on Couldn't Be Better, the jangle-infected album that's found a life as a result of their obsessions. Falling right in line with quite a few others making waves around their neck these days, the album has a wandering lackadaisical quality that mirrors the suburban landscapes and hopeless sprawl of modern convenience without direction. No derision intended there either, it’s a wonderful encapsulation of bored youth reflected in the sunglassed eyes of their pop predecessors. The album feels comfortable like a thrift store recliner perched on a scrap of porch, guitars in hand and strummin' in the sun. Good songs need not be the complicated spawn of strife, sometimes boredom and a crooked smile are all you need. Camperdown & Out seem to pull it all in place in a way that feels like early Pavement cobbling together the impetus of slacker angst 'round about the Slanted years if they were raised on the flip side of the horizon and weaned with just a touch more jangle in their morning oats.


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