Burnt Ones

I caught Burnt Ones on a trip to San Francisco last summer opening up for Nobunny and though the "Meet The Golden One" single had caught RSTB ears previously, it was clear from that show that the band had moved to thicker pop territory. You'll Never Walk Alone confirms that hunch nicely, still showcasing their glam-stomped garage but fattening up the riffs and widening the scope with some floating guitar texture and plenty of feedback soaked squelch foaming under their harmonious aaahhhs. Still utilizing the stand up / stripped down drum setup that seemed omnipresent in garage rock circa 2010, but they make it work with tom tom swagger that drives the songs with a delightful whomping beat. That beat keeps the toes tappin' while the band makes short work of riff chunks the size of bricks, though they do show a softer side on the back half of the album that slows things down and proves that rockers gotta yearn too. All in all a damn fine offering from the Burger Bunch and proof that SF cannot be pinned down as its garage base widens ever further, spreading the Bay love in its wake.


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