Banque Allemande

Where have the Germans been hiding these guys? Second album out on S.S. for Banque Allemande and despite being thrust into the midst of minimal techno's hub, the band seem to eek out an affinity for throb-veined garage punk with the spirit of the American indie rolodex from Husker Dü through Big Black territory. Taught and muscular, Willst du Chinese sein musst du die hammers home the two chord power-chuggers and then explodes into shards of guitar noise at odds with the charging beat beneath the fray. The record chews raw wire and glass with the best of 'em and by the time the needle snaps to the runout both the band and listener are reaching for the towels with exhaustion. Primitive is an understatement, but it remains an apt qualifier as the band pounds out rhythm and melody alike with the kind of fury reserved for marauding clan warfare and desperation soaked fight or flight response. This one definitely has me looking for their last record, because this kind of angular throat punch doesn't just spring up out of nowhere. Best pick this one up quick because the label's only got them in limited quantities.


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