Ooga Boogas

Well to be honest, any band that contains a member of Eddy Current Suppression Ring has an automatic spot on the RSTB turntable but Ooga Boogas have caught our ears and hearts before with their 2008 LP, Romance and Adventure. Their latest self-titled affair shows no more effort to even an album out tonally but it is a vast refinement of their sound; though, four years tends to do that to a band. The record embraces its eccentricities and weaves them into a dark carnival of oil-slick midnight guitar jams, boogie-baiter epics and even some beat chugged synth stabbers finding their way into the mix. Now on paper that sounds like a bit of a disjointed potpourri but under the steady hand of the band's Mikey Young (who has honestly been involved in about 70% of the great Aussie bands of the last few years) the brew bubbles potent and the record comes across as a true album in the age of digital singles. Repeated listens open it up to ebb and flow with some of the best of the South Hemi's last few offerings. Definitely an album that your turntable is craving and a must for fans of Young's recording work and other projects.

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