Georgiana Starlington

A half a world away from Jack and Julie Hines' work in K-Holes, Georgiana Starlington turns down the tempers and amps up the weary country strums on the pair's debut LP. The record is clay baked in a desert stretch of twang and woe, winding its way through high plains ballads and psych-tinged country strummers that would belie the pair’s city slicked roots. The duo makes the deal sweeter by kicking up the fog machine and slathering a good dose of dream pop on top of the bittersweet cry of guitar slides and boot rustled ballads. The mixture makes for the kind of soft-focus heartbreak that easily finds its way into repeat listens, settling like trail dust over every inch of your heart. K-Holes have always held a bit of arms length distance in my collection but with moves like these, the Hines have become welcomed guests on the RSTB stereo for sure.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this song. Listening to it makes me so happy.

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