Jeffery Lee Pierce - Six String Sermon
Prior to cutting Fire of Love, one of RSTB's favorite records of all time, Jeffery Lee Pierce cut a rough and utterly raw session of blues interpretations that show where Pierce was coming from but could in
no way give an indication of where he was headed. The tracks are lo in the fidelity department but feel true to their origins as Lomax-style field recordings of blues songs as most of the originals were laid down. The album has been included in box sets and archive recordings in the past but now its being laid back down on vinyl by Spain's Bang Records and included in the packaging is a 16-page booklet that ropes together anecdotes and musings from Pierces bandmates like Kid Congo Powers and contemporaries from Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Tav Falco and tons more. Its a fitting tribute to long gone star and a document of the start of an incandescent rock journey about to happen. Limited to 1000 and cut on heavy stock. Nicely done.

[MP3] Bill Wilson - Blackjack Davey

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