Dick Diver

Somehow in our love of Aussie rock around here Dick Diver's excellent LP New Start Again eluded RSTB until connections from a few other lauded acts forced a listen last year. The band includes Al Montfort (UV Race, Total Control) and Steph Hughes (Boomgates) so they've certainly got a pedigree to bear and this EP leaves them in good standing to support any accolades their tangential projects may receive. The five tracks here are packed with enough jangle and twang to please 90's indie fiends and 80's post-punk kickers alike. The double punch of title track "Alice" and "Future Self" leaves this one in the essential pile while the rest of the EP picks up some more stylized trademarks of their influences like some subtle sax skronk and a breezy jangler that lionizes Michael Jackson. Just more great Southern Hemi rock to keep us northerners jealous and waiting for more.


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