Colleen Green

Colleen Green delivers a proper album to Hardly Art, following on a single from 2011 and its well worth the wait. Still riding her Nobunny / Julianna Hatfield line of songwriting cues (though claiming plenty of inspiration from Tina Weymouth and Young Marble Giants as well), the album is full of spin-the-bottle strums, diary confessions and batted eyelashes, but the cuteness is tempered with a West Coast slacker vibe that gives it all an effortless cool. It’s a coy album with a chewy pop center that feels the perfect compliment to teenage bedroom dancing and hairbrush sing-alongs. With those 99 cent beats popping underneath, Green's songs are keeping the lo-fi candle burning but she's definitely expanded her reach here with some loping bass, buzzy keys and those familiar blasts of guitar that frazzle and fray under her perfectly whispered coos about boyfriends, best friends, getting stoned and just making it through the day. It’s a sunny day, walk around the city headphone companion and its bound to brighten up at least a few dispositions in these wintery months.

[MP3] Colleen Green - Time In The World

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