Fuzz - This Time I Got A Reason 7"
Draped in a mysterious aura of anonymous submission (but with all signs pointing towards a collab of Ty Segall and Charlie Mootheart) Fuzz blast out two proto-metal sludge thumpers that befit their moniker. The
A-side is a thick and vicious with nods to Blue Cheer and the kind of rumble that can shake down a club. The flip is just as heavy and tube fried, if not more so, and slips into the sinister realms of Sabbath with that doom-thick cloud of smoke billowing under the whole track. I'm actually more of a fan of this direction and it begs for some live, extended freakouts. Got to hope that this turns into a full length some time in the near future but if not, these two cuts are more than worth the clams you're gonna lay down for them.


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