Eternal Tapestry

Two in one year, what has come over Eternal Tapestry? Following on their vinyl only space-rock opus Dawn in 2 Dimensions the Tap are back at it with another full length that barrels out of the door with a heavy 12-minute stretcher set to scorch and at the same time sway with the full geetar force of the band's Nick Binderman and Dewey Mahood leading the charge to space-rock nirvana. Elsewhere the band shows no signs of reentry with sonic aspirations that dive headlong into the epic abyss. The record's hard to break into pieces, having been recorded as one mammoth session, and it flows as a torrential storm of hiss and fuzz and wah and screech toppling over the cathartic crash of Jed Binderman's marrow shaking rumble. Which, as it would happen, is just the way we like our Eternal Tapestry records around here. Though its not all crash and burn, the band slows things down nicely for closer "Sand and Rain", a psych-folk comedown that's notable as one of the few times the band lets their vocals take the wheel on a song. Over time Eternal Tapestry has sought to bring the feeling of their live shows to the studio and with this and Dawn in the bag it seems that 2012 is the year they cross the threshold of capturing the spark that burns the crowd and lighting up a mile of tape with it.


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