Crooked Bangs

Austin trio Crooked Bangs make a declarative statement with their debut on Western Medical. Sung partly in French and partly in English, the bilingual nature is hardly even the most intriguing part of the record. The band have, as their label has amiably pointed out, found that sweet spot between post-punk and garage punk. It’s a throbbing and taught, fierce and fraught album that accuses you with every note that shreds out of the speakers. Front woman Leda Ginestra's voice comes down with the weight and heft that anchored post-punk dirges mired in dread, but here its formidable as a hammer coupled with the tuned engine guitars of Samantha Wendel. The record seems hell bent on smashing side mirrors down every street in America, leaving tracks on your heart and no remorse for the damage. There are records that fall in your hands and immediately leave the sense that seeing a band live would only sweeten the pot. Crooked Bangs are just such a band. Put this on the must see and must hear lists for 2012.

[MP3] Crooked Bangs - Be Young/Sois Jeune (Et Tais Toi)

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