Sic Alps

Sic Alps are back with a brand new nugget, and what's that I hear, strings on an Alps record? First Thurston and Mascis take a turn for the mellow moods and now Sic Alps have taken the fray down a notch and concentrated on the bittersweet core of their songwriting. This marks the first Alps record to get plunked down to tape in a studio and the fidelity and structure suit them well. There's still plenty of loose, jam-slung rock in tracks like "God Bless Her, I Miss Her" but room has snuck in for 60's psych influences and sparse songwriter cues. There's something about opener "Glyphs" that feels pulled from the notes of The Pretty Things' epic S.F. Sorrow and maybe that title fits this record as well as any other would have. Grey skies definitely inform the heart of the record but the bummer feels lived in and comfortable rather than depressive or brooding. It’s certainly the band at its best, a distillation of their capabilities and a subtle shift towards a matured noise and a tender heart.


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