Slug Guts

Its no secret that we've got a bit of a fondness for Aussie rock around here and only adding to this obsession is the biting new album from Slug Guts. Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat is a more frantic, cacophonous affair than their previous Sacred Bones release, which is honestly saying something. After spending a year dealing with court, death, rehab, mental institutions and incessant touring it feels like this album is warranted though. The band sticks with its thunderous pummel and low-slung twang that forces post-punk impulses through an oil slick filter of gnarled hate and bile. It’s a record befitting the oncoming predictions of doom and the most far-flung apocalypse visions. Come said apocalypse, from the ashes, Slug Guts will undoubtedly be the house band at the watering hole in the rubble. They play like they have nothing left to lose and swing wildly at all who approach. Definitely an essential 2012 pickup.

[MP3] Slug Guts - Adult Living

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm excited to catch them at Gonerfest this year!

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