Painted Caves

We never cease to marvel at the enduring prolific nature of Barn Owl's two halves. After countless solo, joint and collaborative efforts Evan Caminiti has rechristened himself Painted Caves and taken a bit of the focus off of his guitar for the time being. That's not to say that the strings don't show up on Not Here Not There, his latest cassette for Dust Editions, they're just buried under a corroded hiss of synths and clouded light. The album is cavernous and methodically quiet, leaving the crescendo and expansive desert stretches of wrangled passion to rest for the moment. In its place is a creeping unease and warped hiss that comes on slow like a night spent snake bit in the New Mexico hills. Somehow the boys of the Barn Owl have always been able to bottle dread and Caminiti has uncapped a particularly smooth vintage of the substance here. Naturally, limited, and essential for all those Owl collectors out there.

[MP3] Painted Caves - Beginning and End Unclear

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