Outer Space

Its fitting that Spectrum Spools should finally have an Outer Space record on its roster, given that label curator John Elliott is behind the knobs of the extraterrestrial moniker. Unlike Emeralds or even Mist, Outer Space has always felt the most abstract and purely sound obsessed output from Elliott. Akashic Record (Events: 1986-1990) pulses and flutters as Outer Space has in the past, echoing its namesake with an otherworldly twinkle and the immersive float of sensory deprivation. Recorded over the course of a year, not culled from his past as the title might imply, the record pulls in some heavyweight contributors including Philip Whiteside (of Wavehead) and Drew Mcdowall (past Coil member) and Jeff Hatfield (of Fragments). For all the synth geeks out there, the label and membership alone should let them know what they might be in for but its some of Elliott's most untethered work yet and some of his best. It builds in a slow sculpting arc like pixels arranging themselves on an amber hued monitor into the shape of something wholly new and, while incalculably complex, so incredibly rudimentary.


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