Las Malas Amistades

Way back in 2006, when RSTB was just getting on its feet, we covered a group from Bogota, Columbia called Las Malas Amistades. Their first album was a crude bit of electronic and folk that felt played in the moment and, though very rough, had a huge amount of visceral impact. That impact hasn't left the band's music, though the playing has improved a fair bit on Maleza, their third album. The band often draws comparison's to Young Marble Giants and their blunt, no frills approach is certainly comparable but added to that cracked dry approach is a sweet underpinning of sad suadade street ballads that feel busked to passersby and caught on tape. Its a haunted break up album knocked out in a living room near an dusky auto parts yard in Bogota, mournful but with that intangible sweetness that can only be derived from never over-complicating maters. There's a raw nerve that's plucked with each guitar string and it’s hard to ignore the ache as each new track unfolds. Considerable time has passed since the band's sophomore album but it’s evident that that time has been spent wringing only the best songs from their repertoire, not the most painstakingly crafted but the most painstakingly derived.

[MP3] Las Malas Amistades - Mala Suerte

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