Kim Fowley - Outrageous
Kim Fowley is nothing if not a notorious figure of the 60's and 70's rock scene. Anyone who can connect dots between Zappa, The Runaways and The Soft Machine deserves to be recognized and though his solo records never received the
acclaim of those he penned songs for (The Byrds, Beach Boys, Them, Cat Stevens) his 1970 album Outrageous is a ramshackle classic that's deservingly back on vinyl. The album, which sees Fowley backed by various members of Steppenwolf, is a punk-blues ripper that swerves wildly between Doors-ian decadent shambles and Stooges self-destruction. Fowley's personality drives the album and it’s bigger than the grooves can hope to contain. Underneath the fray of his sputters, screams and soft moans is a gasoline powered blues turbine that matches many of the more well known and more critically acclaimed albums of its time.

[MP3] Kim Fowley - Animal Man

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