Gary War

Greg Dalton's already contributed to one of our favorite LP's of the year, the seemingly undersung Animal Husbandry by Human Teenager and his latest album under the Gary War name provides another great jolt of off-kilter pop for 2012. Probably one of the clearest, most fidelic versions of War's vision yet, Jared's Lot takes a few cues from the Human Animal collaboration and dives further into the dystopic, respirator-pop that marks the bulk of Gary War's catalog. Driven on a bed of neon beats, corroded and cracked by the acidic creep of keys and heatsick melt of Dalton's processed vocals, its clear that just as with Police Water this is a huffed gas vision of future pop that's as contortion inducing as it is disorienting. Nothing left to do but throw this on the turntable as loud as possible and sync up some simultaneous viewings of Blade Runner, Total Recall and The Fifth Element to compliment it.


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