Evol - Evol
Gear Fab uncovered an acetate of this gorgeous lost album from West Viginia's Evol and tracked down guitarist Jeff Hanichen to put this back into it proper place in the 60's rock lexicon. The band wavers between Buffalo Springfield, Byrds
and Grass Roots and its filled with plenty of strum and multi-part harmonies. The band were courted by a Nashville label at the time and given access to Nugget Studios in Goodletsville where they recorded the bulk of this s/t affair. At the time nothing was released from the session, no singles and no albums. The band wasn't even aware that the final album was mixed down until contacted for the reissue. Gear Fab proves that with a little digging there are still plenty of great, unheralded releases out there yet to be uncovered.

[MP3] Evol - Unlucky Guy

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