Ether Island - Season of Risk
Running a site for the better part of a decade leaves more than a few instances of "what happened to that band? I loved them." The feeling that a well-deserved voice had gone silent over time. The answer doesn't always come back so loudly as it
has in the case of Ether Island. The ranks of the band count Corinne Sweeny and Jeremiah Cowlin among their members, two individuals who held down time in the terribly under appreciated Mythical Beast. The two not only dropped off of the musical grid, they've done their best to leave the physical one as well, taking up residence in Coyote, NM and perfecting their apocalyptic doom stance in more fitting surroundings. The three tracks on display here prove that the band has been hiding plenty of talent from the world in the intervening years, vibrating with a cinder scratched hunger and a desperate solitude that hits like an aftershock. Hopefully it won't be another few years before an album emerges but for now this is more than enough to slake our thirst for remnants of the Beast.


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