Acid Mothers Temple

It doesn't seem improbable that Acid Mother's Temple has created an album in tribute to Miles Davis' electric psych period. What does feel improbable though is that it took them this long to do it. Son of a Bitches Brew is a frothing, mutating jazz odyssey that pushes further than the band has previously into the boundaries of jazz with a fairly serious nod to its namesake. This one sees the ranks swell with new and familiar faces; Tsuyama Atsushi replaces Wayne Shorter on soprano saxophone and fan favorite Cotton Casino rejoins the fold on keys or, uh "space whisper" as it would be listed in the credits. There's a mountain of AMT out there and it’s hard to sift through the essentials and the excessive but this one ranks right up there near the top. The band was born to explore this terrain and they give their subject its due praise.

[MP3] Acid Mothers Temple - Theme From Violence Jack Johnson

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