Timmy's Organism

In the midst of wannabe Chrome-humpers and weirdo punk six month converts there looms large the specter of Timmy Vulger. A Detroit breakdown since the days when most of these kids were just pluggin' in the 14th birthday Fenders, Vulger's blown cones in Clone Defects, Human Eye, Epileptix and under his own distorted moniker, laying down the path for the new breed of lo-fi tweakers. The man cracks Venus' surface, huffs the gasses and blows that smoke through the strings. If you've ever seen him on stage then you'll understand how many audiences walk in confused and leave converts. After some stellar singles and a pair of solid albums as both Timmy's Organism and Human Eye on Sacred Bones, the Organism trips on over to In The Red for Raw Seweage Roq. This one's just as unhinged as the past catalog and probably one of the cleanest sounding, yet ragged and right bits of Vulgar lore yet. Plus, unlike the last one that was mostly recorded by Tim alone in his Vulgarity, this one brings the whole touring band on board for the sessions and its a tougher bite as a result. Its highly recommended you get this on the table soon.

[MP3] Timmy's Organism - Monster Walk

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