The Resonars – Long Long Thoughts EP
A one man blink to the past, Matt Rendon has a knack for jangly harmonies and all the bright-eyed optimism that associated hits from '64-'66. There have been many paisley pop resurgences over
the years but this four track EP seems plucked straight out of the time capsule. Hard to believe that this is all the work of just one guy, but every note and shining croon is from the hands and lips of Rendon himself. The Hollies seem to get thrown around as and influence and its pretty clear that Rendon has more than his share of the lads on his stereo and he's absorbed every bar. Though any number of 60's janglers also creep into the picture here, meaning you can shelve your Dave Clark Five, Move and Buffalo Springfield records as well for a few hours and just play this one over and over.

[MP3] The Resonars - Long Long Thoughts

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great song, thanks

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