Wymond Miles

Wymond Miles' previous Sacred Bones EP, Earth Has Doors took me quite a few listens to absorb. It’s a dense, untethered pop gem that works some fairly esoteric ideas into winding paths of song. I'd expected more of the same on his subsequent LP but it seems that while the grandeur remains, the songs on Under the Pale Moon are much more grounded and tangible. The album pulls from the moody, grandiose, dark pop of the 70's; bits of Roxy Music, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure. Its clear that this period in pop had a profound effect on Miles' musical upbringing and he's able to synthesize the elements that have made those bands appeal to newer and newer generations and give his own songs that tip-of-the-tongue quality that makes them feel so nostalgically familiar and yet so prismatically new. It may not have as many dense layers as the EP but that's sometimes its greatest asset, allowing the songs to seep into your marrow instantly and become a soundtrack to heartache, loneliness and bittersweet smiles each time you put it on.

[MP3] Wymond Miles - Pale Moon

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