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The work of the Head Technician aka Pye Corner Audio has recently caught our ears, though reluctantly not soon enough. The project, tangentially connected to the esteemed Ghost Box records, has a flair for BBC Radiophonics, degraded audio transmissions from the deep and hallucinatory lunar mission soundtrack fuzz rippled through a twisted synth filter. Over the past few years the project has produced three entries into The Black Mill Tapes series, with the first two just now getting a reissue on vinyl by Type and the third being released, as is custom, through Bandcamp. While all equally engrossing the third installment sees the project headed in a dark and rhythmic direction (well darker than even the first two) and we're hoping that this will also see the lacquered treatment. A bit less rooted in the ambient soundtrack territory, but still feeling eerily cinematic, the new compositions have toughened their skin and begun to creep out of the 70's television world that PCA had embraced in the past. The vinyl edition is going fast but its definitely worth making sure you have these digitally to soundtrack late night walks around the city skulking to the grainy beat.

[MP3] Pye Corner Audio - Electronic Rhythm Number Five

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