Purling Hiss - "Lolita" for Shaking Through

Purling Hiss are the latest participants in the Shaking Through series sponsored by WXPN. The band hit the studio to record a new song, "Lolita," produced by War on Drugs' Adam Granduciel. The track is a cleaner, but still biting version of their fuzz-psych sound and a pretty clear argument that these guys need to get into the studio for a proper full length that's higher on the fidelity spectrum. They've displayed an aptitude on record for mind flaying solos and gravel gnarled guitar grit but coupled with this clearer view of Polizze' songwriting it would be interesting to see how they could balance the two halves of their identity into a ferocious record. Grab a download of the new track below.


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Blogger Talcum X said...

The guitars are very gritty. Luckily, that happens to be my favourite guitar sound!


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