Hollins and Star - Sidewalks Talking
Chuck Hollins and David Starr were a footnote in the psych folk movement but their sole album is one of those understated classics that feels more significant in retrospect than it ever might have
upon its release. The duo paired dreamy lyrics with a soft-psych palette that incorporated jazz overtones and lush orchestration bringing to mind Love, The Grass Roots, Simon and Garfunkel and a few fringe acts like Blossom Toes. Filled with flute trills and fuzztones the album could have only been born out of the 60's excess and post-summer of love hangover. Staying mostly in the wistful mindset, though occasionally adopting bits of funk and avant-garde exploration on their anti-war anthems, the duo’s sentiments seem quaint, the usual product of the times. Though, musically those bits of "far out" exploration prove to be some of the most entertaining points on the album. The duo wouldn't go onto much more acclaim but they did leave an interesting document of '69's transition into '70. A time capsule unlocked to reveal a handful of pressed flowers and a stray tab of sunshine.

[MP3] Hollins and Star - Feelin' Good

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