Fox - San Francisco Sessions
Guitarist Garry Pihl is better known for his involvement in Boston and to a lesser, more cultish extent, Day Blindness. The latter dissolved after the release of their S/T debut that was built on a huge San Francisco reputation and web of
associations but crumbled after it was poorly received upon its release. Following Day Blindness' dissolution Pihl restructured the band and created Fox who recorded these sessions around 1970-71. Of the sessions, only one single was released at the time but the whole thing has been rounded up by RD records and put out on vinyl. For any fans of his previous band, this should sound pretty familiar but with a less Doors-y pompousness and a harder blues edge on the psychedelic template. Fox wouldn't ever really come to fruition (and in fact there's a semi-well known 70's band also named Fox which has seen some reissues on Cherry Red that may prove easy to confuse with them) but the sessions do prove to work out to an album that had some potential. For those interested in the evolving West Coast psych sound, this one is a great rarity given new life.

[MP3] Fox - Susie S Kalator

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