Eternal Tapestry

It seems that the Tap wanted to lay down an album that more closely resembled their live setting; a fuming, churning beast of sound and light that seems impossible to pin down to the grooves of a record. Still, as impossible as it sounds, the band have certainly captured as much of that beast as possible in the spaces on Dawn in 2 Dimensions. They've thrown out Space Ritual-era Hawkwind as a touchstone and that's not so far-fetched as it might seem. Few have been able to lift that Space Rock torch as effortlessly as Eternal Tapestry in the past few years and this album brings them closer than ever to that vaunted perch. Starting out with a volatile blast of psychedelic guitars and cinder-scuffed horns, the album lays into a mid section groove that completely nails the floating vapors aesthetic before cooling completely into pastoral psych-folk. Quivering on the edge of these two precipices, the album ebbs and flows dramatically between euphoria and ecstasy then dives head first into a sidelong, three part epic that works the cycle all over again. For fans of heavy and well-balanced psych, there are few bands that come close to Eternal Tapestry and this may be one of their finest moments yet.


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