Deep Time

Here's the thing about Deep Time, this one caught me way off guard. Its true, I'd been familiar with Yellow Fever when that album came out via Vivian Girls' Wild World Records and honestly it just didn't hold my attention. It was pleasant enough but seemed like there were plenty of other similar statements shouting much louder at the time. It was too ramshackle, too lo-fi, too soft a punch. Which is what makes hearing Deep Time's eponymous album all that much sweeter. It seems to resolve all of the above criticisms. It cuts, scrapes and pastes a cross-section of post-punk touchstones from Young Marble Giants to The Au Pairs and cools them off with a low slung rubbery bass bounce and uncluttered delivery that feels as detached and cool and unassuming as any of the bands they might attempt to emulate. The Yellow Fever album under-utilized Jennifer Moore's voice, or at the very least failed to present it in a flattering manner. Here, though, once the vocal somersaults begin on "Sgt. Sierra" its nothing but surprises throughout the duration of the album. This one has steadily worked its way into rotation more and more. Moody and fun with enough knock-kneed swagger to be charmingly danceable. What more could you ask for with the encroaching promise of summer nights?

[MP3] Deep Time - Clouds

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