Rayon Beach

A clearer and more potent version of the sound the band explored on their debut 12" and following 7" swims into vision on Rayon Beach's new LP, This Looks Serious. Even the old favorites that show up on the album ("Jacuzzi Limo Explosion", "Sister Fever", "Shocking Aqua") have all been given a new life, pulled from the murk and given a dark, sinister sheen. The new sound pounds with queasy sweat, tumultuous bile and vicious sinew. Where they'd been mired in the sludge in the past, they now seem to be embracing the otherworldly, shiny sounds of progressive punk and grinding them down into sinister waves of bass throb and keyboard squall. Its a huge step forward and the album continually unfolds with new nooks and crannies of weirdness that get discovered on each subsequent listening.

[MP3] Rayon Beach - Oh Yeah

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