Franklin Teagle (Cenote Glow, Tranquility Tapes, etc) and Ryan McGill (Cliffsides, Bones of Seabirds, etc) have been cranking out dense sonicscapes under the Afterlife moniker for a good clip now but they've yet to cross over into the vinyl territory. A pity since their sounds, while not inaccessible on tape, could use the deep chasms of sound associated with the format. Hooker Vision gives the boys what they need sound-wise on their new album Celestial Habitat, an otherworldly cave dive into burbling synths and deep resonant tones. The album creeks and groans with life, breathing in monolithic alien rhythms that are slow and deliberate. The surface of the album is littered with tiny crystals of sound that flash and glitter and shimmer with the change of the light and the angle of the head. There have been many synth explorers of late, but getting the right mix of space, pacing and sonic architecture doesn't always come easily. Thankfully the duo has the patience and acumen to craft this album into the kind of analog tapestry that it deserves to be. Hooker Vision doesn't put out a lot of vinyl so you know this one had to be good to get the nod... and they were very right in that call.


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