Nude Beach

2012 seems like an unlikely year for power pop to firmly assert itself but it seems that so many sides of the genre are rearing its head lately. While some of our favorites have taken the hard edge of the form and shown it through punk and garage's inviting doors Nude Beach takes the working class low slung strum that evolved into the roots rock sound of Springsteen and Tom Petty from what Big Star and Dwight Twilley built. Honestly the band's second album (aptly titled II) seems to delight in the exact moment the transition from the two camps transpired. The record is earnest, with a heart on its sleeve quality that seems almost too sincere for these times but plays with enough sweat and grit to balance the anthemic honesty of its pop heart. The band knows its way around the lonesome streets and cracked leather soul of the genre's steel heart and they've hammered II into the kind of record that grows deeper with each drink. Self-released by the boys themselves you can pick it up for a donation from their bandcamp but its well advised that you seek it out on vinyl (below) and let this one crackle its way into your nights.

[MP3] Nude Beach - Walkin' Down My Street

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