Human Teenager

Human Teenager is the warped product of skewed pop protagonists Greg Dalton (better known as Gary War) and Taylor Richardson of Infinity Window. The duo's back catalogs render them pretty compatible playmates and the end results only confirm this theory with the record melting like a 48 count crayola over a stack of synth pop and oddball punk obscurities. The duo hammers the gooey ruin into the kind of outsider folk art that holds an uncomfortable mirror up to onlookers. Animal Husbandry winds up over saturated in the best of ways, pulling from a carefully curated selection of past masters and hewn from the rock of media splashed daily life. And while it seems like a chaotic collision to some ears, repeated plays see it unfold into a masterful psychedelic classic. It’s another notch in both artist’s belts and a testament that both Editions Mego and its offspring Spectrum Spools have the lock on the most innovative synth music coming out of any corner.

[MP3] Human Teenager - Permanent Skin

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