Cupp Cave

Cupp Cave's second proper album, after a string of EPs, is a hazed and skittery affair that plays on themes of degradation amongst a sea of jump cut beats. Bringing to mind a few of our new favorites in this realm, like Andy Stott, T+++ or a whole host of Brainfeeder alums; the album is a masterwork of obscured rhythms and softly lapping static. It’s an analog playground that feels like it owes a debt to Boards of Canada in its worn copy aesthetic. Retina Waves sees the Belgian beatmaker drop into the RAMP stable alongside some celebrated newcomers like Zomby and Teeth and CC is certainly up to par with any of his esteemed labelmates. The album is best as a waking dream soundtrack or late night come down, it’s thumping, rolling structure is perfect for the spaces between thoughts. It’s blissfully hypnotic and quickly moving its way into our daily rotation around here.

[MP3] Cupp Cave - Waver

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