Blasted Canyons – 2nd Place 12"
Matt Jones and Heather Fedewa's Blasted Canyons dispel a bit of the fuzz that shrouded their previous eponymous Castle Face album and hone their sound down to its biting best on this EP. Originally brought on tour and now released to the
general populace, 2nd Place is six tracks that push-pull between male and female vocals, swiveling the focus onto their squirrely keyboards and driving harmonies and feeling like a cool relief after the scorch of their early material. Definitely some of their most straightforward and well crafted bits yet, songs like "Get High" push out of the garage arena and into a post-punk swagger buoyed by a few of their best hooks to date. Pick one up while they stick around.

[MP3] Blasted Canyons - Holy Geometry

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Curse Canyon, mysterious, now is a good curious!

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