Various Artists - The B-Music of Jean Rollin
Director Jean Rollin was well known for being the first French vampire director, but also know more widely as a surrealist who dipped his toes in both the debauchery of b-movies and the brilliance of the avant-
garde. Rollin was a pioneer of the psychosexual and his movies often drifted into the exploitative but it was their surrealist nature and always at least one moment that bordered the absurd and brilliant in equal measures that has made him one to seek out. In the same regard, Rollin had an eccentric flair for music in his films, roping in psychedelic, free jazz and the most fantastical arms of pop into his movie soundtracks. Rollin utilized several unique groups and musicians to create an atmosphere of tawdry sexuality and slashing tension including Acanthus, Pierre Raph, Yvon Gerault, Phillipe D'Aram and more, many of which are to be found here. Finders Keepers has issued many of his soundtracks separately but since those can be overwhelming undertakings to the uninitiated, they’ve now issued this collection of some of the finest moments from the catalog. Fitting since Rollin’s films have just recently made their way to Blu-Ray reissues this year. If you're in the NYC area, Rollin's "classic" Fascination will be playing at the Nighthawk Cinema in Williamsburg on March 30th and 31st with the score performed live by Morricone Youth.

[MP3] Acanthus - La Château

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