Roommates – Winnifred 7"
Ben Cook's a man that doesn't rest. In addition to his roles in Fucked Up, The Bitters and Young Governor he's also concocted this project with (you guessed it) his roommate Mark Fosco. The pair cranked out two sessions worth of tracks, the first
which occupies the A side and the second naturally on the flip. The pair has a knack for pop hooks, crunchy guitars and power pop syrup; but honestly we've come to expect nothing less from Cook especially in light of his Young Guv progression. Still I have to say, Fosco seems to have inspired something as these are some of the best tracks outta Cook's corner in a long time. They appeared independently on a couple of Scotch Tapes releases but wrapped up here together in their sugar crusted glory. The A side's double shot seems more aggressively fuzz rattled only to be tempered by the jangled candy melt of "Kelly I'm Not a Creep" and 90's underground swagger of "First Floor Blues" on the B. It's been sold as a one off that you weren't supposed to hear but honestly I hope they keep it up.

[MP3] Roommates - 1st Floor Blues

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