Andy Jordan's previous work as Andy Human had touches of new wave that needed something to push it over the edge and it seems that he's found the balance by adding a splash of power-pop's heart-on-sleeve approach and just enough of glam's plastic sparkle to make it shine. These four cuts from Lenz' Tic Tac Totally EP Under Neon are some of the best we've heard yet from Jordan. Along for the ride is Ray Seraphin who's also done time in Hunx and Andy Human. Together the two of them have packed up their bag of influences, thrown in a love for underused 80's synths and married them to a subtle intensity that makes every song bubble with a hushed drama. This EP doesn't miss a step, with four tracks that owe a debt to the gauzier, spacier side of the aforementioned genres, taking cues from less straightforward pop predecessors like Roxy Music or bringing to mind unearthed gems like Ozzie. Its clear that Lenz have plenty more to say but these four seem pretty set for repeat listens.

[MP3] Lenz - Hourglass

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