Burnt Ones – Meet The Golden One 7"
Glam-garage been making a roaring comeback of late and adding to the pile of fuzz stompers is this latest single from Burnt Ones that channels Norman Greenbaum through a dirt psych filter then flips its pop with some "ooh ooh oohs" in the harmonies. Despite taking
a few things wholesale from the "Spirit in the Sky" (hell you could steal worse riffs) the single's a pretty fun double shot and the band and a few friends worked up a forest pagan video for it that's a pretty good accompaniment. On the flip, "LUV" takes the handclaps to a minimum but drives like a bastard through vibed out garage stomps. After their rather lauded LP from a few years back its good to see the band's got some new moves in 'em and it feels like there's a damn fun LP on the way.

[MP3] Burnt Ones - Meet The Golden One

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