Slant Azymuth (Demdike Stare & Andy Votel)

It seems about time that Pre-Cert Entertainment, the label operated by Andy Votel and the chaps in Demdike Stare, should finally release some music from their own hands. The three have hooked up under the assumed name of Slant Azymuth to create a dark journey that feels at home with much of the Demdike catalog, but fares much more sinister than we'd have expected from Mr. Votel. The results are a winding record full of ink-strewn vignettes, mechanical throb and the kind of white knuckle tension that's become a hallmark of some of Demdike's most harrowing work. There's a definite craftsmen's touch here. It’s a fine first offering and well worth looking into if you've been intrigued by either party's past work.

[MP3] Slant Azymuth - Helicial Scan

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