Outer Minds

Outer Minds showed up here a year or so back with a great little single on HoZac that had rumblings of 60's psych inflected garage that pushed a bit further beyond the bar burner staples of their Chicago scene. They had promise then but they just needed a little something extra to really nudge their sound to its full potential. It helped that the band is stocked with plenty of talent; including former and current members of Baseball Furies, Lover! and Functional Blackouts and now it seems, since those early days, the band's found an ease with their sound and a bump in fidelity that make their self-titled debut explode into the kind of psychedelic stomp we were hoping for. Pulling from plenty of fuzzy, bent garage-psych staples, but also adding a melodic note of Mamas and Papas' lush harmonies, the band makes a play for our hearts turning out the kind of Nuggets-worthy gems that sound like the best moments of Shocking Blue, United States of America, Sarofeen and Smoke and the above mentioned melody masters mashed together and made consistent. Each listen to this album has revealed further shades of intrigue and made this one of the early entries to beat in 2012. Highly recommended!

[MP3] Outer Minds - Gimme a Reason

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